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PhotoshopDigital handcrafted Dual Camera Strap

Every photographer who shoot all day weddings have common problem - back pain. We spend all day on our feet carrying around 10kg on our necks. So after couple of years (and if person does look after himself better then me it can happen earlier) we all start looking for different solutions to take that weight off the neck. I was looking for ages for different options and always was coming back to leather camera straps (I m woman at the end of the day, so want to look stylish as well not only comfortable ).

And now I need a mention my favourite book company PhotoshopDigital, that based in Greece but deliver their awesome products all over the world. The company never stop surprising me with new range of high quality products, handcrafted finishes and amazing customer service. I have been using them for a few years now and always been happy with every product I got from the prints and books to the USB boxes.

Just before the Christmas company produced exact product that I was looking for - Dual camera harness and as a very lucky person I won it and received it just in time for Xmas. Before writing review I had a chance to use for a few weddings.

Opening parcels from PhotoshopDigital is always a joy as company creates handcrafted boxes personalizing it with a photographers logo (and all that absolutely free).So I never throw away the box :)

The strap was packed in black beautiful pouch that you can use for storage or carrying to the job. As soon as I opened it I could smell the real leather, that I love. My strap is black colour (my favourite and it goes with any my cloth) and personalised with my logo as well.

I have found that getting the camera off of my neck and onto my shoulders to make a world of difference while shooting and especially the day after shooting. PhotoshopDigital dual camera strap allows hands free carrying 2 to 3 cameras. Two of the three cameras attached to either side of the harness by a sliding strap at the bottom of camera plus it have extra security leather strap in case of any fails, to make sure that expensive gear wont fall and break. This sliding strap allows the cameras to move freely from a resting position to a shooting position without the main harness needing to move. The third camera can be attached by two small straps to the d-ring on the shoulders, so it hands in the middle of the chest but weight still goes to your shoulders. During the prewedding shoot I found out that even if I want to put just one camera, it still sits comfortably with weight of the camera on both shoulders.

Overall I'm thinking that its fantastic strap, it has stylish look, camera secure attached and the most important I can move next day without taking any painkillers.

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