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  • Natalia Walton

Do you like to see your photographs printed?

I love seeing my work printed in any form: book, prints and wall art. I was lucky to be able to test wall art product of my choice from German company Saal-Digital. I wanted to see how the photograph look on metal for ages so quickly jumped in to this opportunity. I decided to order standard Alu-Dibond panel 40sm-60sm size.

The process of ordering was very simple, it gave me choice to download special software that would simplify ordering process in future or just do it directly on website. As it was my first sample I chose to go with website so it led me to another page to choose size of panel, mounting options and then asked to upload the file. All process took me couple of minutes and I didn't have any problems at all.I straight away received email confirmation of my order with estimated delivery in 7-8 days. But in 5 days i was pleasantly surprised with a knock in my door and my order.

It was very well packed and protected from the accidental damage. Unpacking took me longer then ordering it :) I honestly can say that i love the alu panel, it has very nice matte finish that doesn't give any glare. The colors of my image was reproduced perfectly. It very easy to hang on a wall with the mounts provided.

So my conclusion, I really love the alu-dibond panel, company made it easy to order and deliver very fast. I would recommend to anybody who would like modern product that you can hang on a wall by itself or choose an option to frame it.

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